Homes, gardens and pets are at the heart of family life, and boats and holidays are the background of many a legendary memory.

Capture their charm forever, and create a traditional heirloom your family will treasure for generations.

Jennifer is a specialist in commissions of house and garden portraits. For everyone with pride in their home – it is a dream come true: the special magic that is your home is preserved forever in this lasting legacy. Giclee prints (paper or canvas) and greeting cards are also available.

If you are in business – you will know that sometimes the best promotions don’t even feel like promotions – a beautiful watercolour of your place (from a B&B to a real estate office) – is one such idea! A painting romanticizes your concept while creating your own feeling of tradition. For brochures, logos, and business cards , the value is inestimable – people will keep them forever!

Contact Jennifer to arrange a complimentary consultation for a portrait of your home, business, pet, boat or favourite vacation spot. Paintings can reflect your favourite season or landscaping ideal.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a house or business portrait is worth a million – and it looks great on brochures and greeting cards” Cathy Basskin

“Thank you so much for Mom’s birthday present – simply delightful – she can treasure it every season!” Lisa Vitols